Burma Lane

Burma Lane has taken inspiration from its namesake country to create a collision of flavours that wakes up even the most jaded of palates. Burma’s multicultural melting pot inspires food that’s fun, fresh, and above all, freaking delicious. Burma Lane takes Australia’s proximity to Asia, and its complex immigrant ancestry, throws it into one big juicy pot and pokes it with a big stick. Simmer to let the flavours mingle, and what comes out is a uniquely Melbourne menu that is not afraid to experiment and defy expectations. From the same team as Melbourne’s favourite Asian fusion restaurant, Red Spice Road, Burma Lane started as a pop-up event at the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Laneway event. Wanting to expand their wings beyond South East Asia, the team ventured to the lightly explored Burma to satisfy their culinary wanderlust. Burma Lane has made a permanent home at Little Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, and stretched beyond its Burmese inspiration to create a menu full of food as gloriously confounding as Burma - so the name is kind of perfect.

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