Claire Healy: (Get A) Real Job – Melbourne Fringe

Claire has never had a real job.

With a resume that looks like a list of highly questionable life choices, from Croatian Busker to Tennis Tour Guide to Magic Salad Fingers, Claire attempts to answer the endlessly awkward question: “what do you do?”

Baring her soul over the sacrifices artists make in employment security, stability and consistency, Claire's musical romp (Get A) Real Job is filled with original songs, piano, ukulele and a requisite gin, of course.

Warning: Contains moderate coarse language.

    • 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne 3051
    • 22 September 2018
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      • 23 September 2018
      • 25 September 2018
      • 26 September 2018
      • 27 September 2018
      • 28 September 2018
      • 29 September 2018

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