Hotel Sorrento

Family is at the core of the award winning Hotel Sorrento, as you are taken on a wonderful journey of humour and drama that tells the story of three sisters who grew up together in the seaside town, Sorrento.

Hilary lives in the family home with her father and 16 year-old son. Pippa, a business woman, is visiting from New York and Meg, a successful writer, returns from England. When the three sisters are reunited in Sorrento after 10 years apart they again feel the constraints of family life.

A semi-autobiographical book written by middle sister and expat Meg triggers the familial tensions and dramas that eventuate. Hotel Sorrento is about family in a literal and metaphorical sense and the importance of blood ties and collective memory, true or false.

Presented by Whitehorse Centre and HIT Productions.

With Dennis Coard, Kim Denman, Dion Mills. Director Denny Lawrence.

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