Introduction to Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai chi is a slow moving exercise system developed from Chinese martial arts. It is often referred to as ‘moving meditation’ with many benefits including improvement in general health, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, self-awareness and concentration. Qi Gong focuses on the cultivation of Qi [energy] to remedy illness, promote longevity and increase internal strength. Tai chi and qi gong are suitable for all age groups. You will learn basic tai chi movements, an introduction to Qi gong and standing meditation practice. The tutor, Suzanne Giacometti Kingston has been studying and practising tai chi for 30 years. After studying in Australia, she headed to China to study Tai Chi at the Beijing University for Sport. In 1995 she was part of the first Australian team to represent Australia at the World WuShu Games in Baltimore, USA, finishing in the top 10. After raising a family in 2008 she competed at international level again in China at the Third World WuShu Traditional Championship and won one gold and one silver for Australia.

Getting Around

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