Lagrime di San Pietro

A soaring monument towering over centuries of music history, Lagrime di San Pietro still strikes the soul like few other works.

In Orlando di Lasso’s final days thecomposer resolved to write an a cappella masterpiece that channelled the pain, despair and embattled faith of this final journey. Drawing on the poetry of Luigi Tansillo and the Biblical tale of St Peter’s grief after disavowing Jesus, di Lasso’s sublime last creation has gone on to become the world’s most famous madrigale spirituali (spiritual madrigal).

Now director Peter Sellars and artistic director Grant Gershon have refracted this luminescent work through a modern lens, maintaining its timeless beauty while bringing home its continuing relevance to contemporary audiences. Under their direction, the Los Angeles Master Chorale demonstrate why they have become one of the world’s leading choral ensembles of the last half century.

Drawing to the surface the deep themes of remorse, responsibility and acceptance, Sellars produces a potent allegory that provides an urgent tonic for turbulent times.

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