Little White Lies

A night of storytelling, theatre and little white lies. Everyone has done it and everyone continues to do it - shifting the truth slightly to let a path run a little smoother. When it all goes well, you might call them acts of secret service, but when the proverbial hits the fan, well, a moral conundrum shared is a moral conundrum halved, so they say, so join to unearth stories from the slightly submerged truth.

Everyone is human, and everyone has a story that sit just below the surface - you might be surprised by what you have in common with your neighbour. Come and see these little white lies turn into unforgettable theatre.

Melbourne Playback Theatre Company presents its much awaited 2018 Spring Public Season: Little White Lies (for adults) and Little Big Surprise (specially aimed at children). Melbourne Playback Theatre Company is Melbourne’s foremost improvised storytelling company, specialising in drawing stories from an audience and turning those stories into insightful and highly entertaining theatre right on the spot.

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