Magic in the Dark

Magic In the Dark is the only magic show worldwide that takes place in absolute darkness. Magic In the Dark is a show conceived for people unable to see, as well as for sighted people, where everyone can be a part of a unique and amazing experience. While there is a distinct prevalence of visual stimulus in most of the shows, Magic In the Dark invites the public to witness the possibility to be astonished and live magic without using their sight, participating in an experience that allows them to activate the intellect, fantasy and emotion. Juan Esteban Varela, its creator, who is also blindfolded during the show, states that: As long as a person has the ability to imagine, it is possible to stimulate his/her fantasy with fiction, As long as a person has the ability of reasoning, it is possible to intervene with his/her interpretation process and create a mystery, As long as a person has the ability to be moved, it is possible to transform a magical effect into a personal experience and Sight, as any other sense, is only a means. The final purpose of magic is the excitement and amazement.

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