Make Believe – Children's Songs for Grown-Ups

David Salter, burnt out children's entertainer and world class drinker, invites you to take a little trip down memory lane in his adults-only children’s show, Make Believe. Like the lovechild of Noni Hazelhurst and your endearing drunk uncle, Salter sings and slurs his way through a songbook of nostalgia.

Your favourites from Patsy Biscoe, Sesame Street, Peter Combe, Disney and The Wiggles have finally reached legal drinking age! Salter's reinterpretations of cherished classics take dark, funny, and often unexpectedly raunchy turns, in this night of cabaret gold.

Cheaper than a drug habit and more fun than a psychotic break, this show is the perfect antidote to the harsh realities of adult life. Achieving a superb balance between joyful exuberance and melancholic cynicism, Salter weaves together songs, comedy, magic and ventriloquism, to create the ultimate kids party, with the added pleasures of booze and the complete absence of children.

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