Melbourne Listening - Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong

Melbourne Listening is an interactive installation composed of touch responsive drawings, tapestries and cast objects, that house binaurally recorded sounds of spaces in and around Melbourne, which audience members will hear when they touch the work.

The sounds follow an imagined day in the life of the City of Melbourne, and will consist of soundscapes collected from a variety of locations in the wider Melbourne metropolitan area, combined with the stories of community members who live, work or play in those locations, or for whom those locations hold special significance.

From the dawn chorus at the Western Treatment Plant to penguins returning for the night at St Kilda; from crowds cheering at the AFLW to people protesting in the city; from the industry of rooftop beehives to the steady laps of night swimmers at a public pool; from a poet reciting her work on the street to a muezzin delivering the call to prayer in a mosque.

Accompanying the installation will be a free app for iPhone and Android. This app will offer an alternative way of accessing the content.

For app details visit the Melbourne listening website. This exhibition is supported by City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program.

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