Miss Jane's Faux Fur Filofax - Glamour Puss Studios

Melbourne’s Famous Tapping Glamour Kittens celebrate their 21st year with the dazzling tapstravaganza "Miss Jane's Faux Fur Filofax", to be held at the Athenaeum Theatre on Saturday 17 November 2018 for two taptastic shows. With more glitter than ever, a dazzling array of costumes and tap shoes, and a non-stop parade of show-stopping classics, from Shirley Bassey to Ceelo Green, from "Singing in the Rain" to "A Chorus Line", not to mention elevator music and the soundtrack to the K-Mart ad. Hosted by the camp and quirky Miss Jane, Melbourne’s doyenne of tap, this hilarious show delves into her dazzling diary through dance. Please visit the website for more information.

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