Museum '18 - One Off Reunion Show Featuring Laura

Four bands stand out as the leading lights of the Melbourne post-rock genre in the early/mid 2000s and while Laura, Because of Ghosts, This Is Your Captain Speaking and International Karate each crafted very individual styles, they are all bound by an aesthetic that speaks to the vast Australian landscape and helped to develop a uniquely Australian instrumental sound.

These four bands are re-forming for a special one-off reunion show, ‘Museum 18’. These are the bands that took Melbourne post-rock around the globe, with more than a dozen albums between them, releases on labels in the UK, Europe and Japan and North American, Asian, UK and European tours.

Melbourne justifiably boasts about its rock’n’roll pedigree, producing world-renowned rock and indie acts and hosting more gigs every week than almost any city in the world - but when they write the musical history of the city, they will also need to include a chapter about the incredibly vibrant instrumental post-rock scene in Melbourne in the 2000s.

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