Run Nation Film Festival

Run Nation Film Festival 2018 is presented by Travelling Fit on 7 September 2018.

Now in its fourth tour, they have selected the very best running films to leave your heart pounding and your mind mesmerised. Presented by Travelling Fit, the 2018 collection of original short films will focus on human-interest stories that use running as the medium of storytelling.

Two hours of heart-pounding of running. From the elite athletes’ experience through to the back of the pack runners, you will live the good, the bad and the painful. Because it is more than just tracks and trails, roads and ultras; these are films that will inspire all to put on their sneakers and pound the pavement. Real life stories with heart, soul and passion that will leave you thinking, talking and to inspire you to reach your next level best.

Live the passion, the purpose and the people.

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