Slate Culture Gabfest - Live in Melbourne

The Slate Culture Gabfest is both a stalwart and a pioneer of American podcasting, and one of its most consistent successes. For almost a decade, the show’s fizzing erudition has been collecting fans with its precise, entertaining and illuminating discussions of culture – high, low, and other – and its social and political implications. Each week, hosts (and Slate staff critics/editors) Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens and Julia Turner choose three topics to discuss, sometimes joined by an insightful guest. In Australia for the first time, and live in Melbourne, Turner, Stevens and Metcalf will record an episode in front of an audience, joined by indie rock auteur Courtney Barnett. So, whether you are into music or film, or premium or reality television, or books, or theatre or longform essays – whatever your entertainments – come and talk it out. Presented in partnership with Triple R.