Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking Class

Sri Lankan food is known for its unique taste, colourful curries and lavish meals, made up of a minimum of four curries accompanied by rice. Vegetarian Sri Lankan food is a celebration of fresh fruit and vegetables such as beans, okra, pumpkin, bitter melon, carrots, potatoes, cabbages and beetroot as well as legumes such as dhal and chickpeas.

No meal would be complete without a side of coconut sambol (pol sambol) or garden fresh greens, either sautéd with grated coconut or simply served fresh with a dash of lime. Learn all these delicious dishes and more in this class taught by a Sri Lankan food expert. Vegan friendly options available.

In this class you will learn the basic techniques for cooking vegetables Sri Lankan style, how to make curry powder from scratch, an understanding of herbs and spices that compliment each dish and how to use exotic ingredients.

You will get taste testers and food to take home, recipes and instruction, a sample container of unroasted curry powder and email support following the class.

Bring an apron and wear comfortable shoes.

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