Sunday Salon

Speak up! تكلم! Kor u hadal! Taura unzwikwe! ਬੋਲੋ ! ¡Hablar alto! In partnership with Melbourne Writers Festival, the Immigration Museum plays host to its first Sunday salon evening, a social gathering inspired by language, words and storytelling.

Specially curated stages by Melbourne’s own spoken word luminaries Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa and Nour Abouzeid present mic-droppingly good local poets and performers from diverse backgrounds.

Spoken word artists Amal Ibrahim, Meena Shamaly, Farah Beaini, Magan Magan, Charlotte Laurasia Raymond and ZIIMUSIC bring a multitude of styles and mother tongues to invoke the power of community, ancestors and traditions of oration.

Tackling themes of identity and belonging, they speak up with voices variously described as liquid and lyrical, sassy and soulful, powerful and punchy.

Songwriter and musician Aarti Jadu drops in for a far-ranging interlude that traverses Indian music, chanting, electronic and ambient genres.

Illimine enact their own kind of silent poetry with Collected Odysseys – Black Sea, an installation featuring thousands of inked books and a durational writing performance.

They approach The Odyssey as a narrative, a journey, a material book and a process of questioning and telling one’s own story, referencing contemporary journeying in both its positive and harrowingly tragic manifestations.

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