The More I Know

Be transported back to your high school formal. Maybe this time you will be asked for a dance. Re-live the butterflies and the angst. Remember all the dreams you had? Where did they go? Where did that wide-eyed kid go? Are they still there? After all these years of disappointing them, under all those layers of adult guise, can you find them? Revive them?

A play written, directed and produced by Laura McKenzie, Assistant Director - Lois Scott, Cast - Bryn Dickson, Hannah Holmes, Linus Tolliday, Lois Scott, Tennessee Baz-Jeffrey and Eliza Callil, Live Composition - Gabriel Strachan and Tim Palstra, Production Design - Luc Bohn.

Photography and design - Rupa Anurendra
Film Content - Madeleine Mytkowski, Nyssa Mitchell and Derrick Duan

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