The Sea Single Launch

Open Studio hosts Augustine Ang for his second single release 'The Sea'. The song evokes a bouncy and buoyant feel, akin to the waves of a deep ocean that inspire the story: (dis)comfort in solitude and isolation.

Accompanying himself on guitar, piano and harmonica, Greg Steps is a modern day story-teller. His songs exude an old-timey, world-weary feel, yet still sound fresh. As an artist he possesses a watchful eye and a razor sharp mind, allowing him to fashion lyrics that are sophisticated, poetic and timely. With his distinctive voice, unique song writing ability and spellbinding live performances, he has proven himself to be a true original.

Kendra Keller (aka Lady Longdrop) is a multidisciplinary artist, finding expression for her poetic vision on the page, the stage, in forests and on hillsides, throughout so-called Australia and Asia.

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