Theatre of Ideas

Meet the big picture thinkers, the grass roots movers and shakers, and the visionary re-inventors changing the way we eat in this thought provoking series of talks at Deakin Edge. This talk-style series is inspired by community and sustainability. Over two sessions in one day, presenters with a common vision come together to discuss the part they play in making our communities, our environment and our dining tables better for everyone. Session one is all about our communities, the place food has in building them and bringing them together, and the people working to make them better. Presenters include Ron Finley (USA), Monique Fiso (NZ), Stephen Harris (UK) and Bronwen and Francis Percival (UK). Session Two is all about sustainability, reducing food waste, how restaurants can lead the way, and the people looking to the future. Presenters include Peggy Chan (Hong Kong), Janice Leung-Hayes (Hong Kong), Anthony Myint (USA), Chris Ying (USA) and Shinobu Namae (JPN).

Getting Around

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