Theatresports™ Schools Challenge

Join 14 teams from schools across metropolitan Melbourne as they take the stage to improvise scenes, songs and stories, in high stakes and in a highly entertaining theatre.

Theatresports™, the popular improvisation show, created by Keith Johnstone, has been performed in Australia for over 30 years and helped to foster the talent of Lano and Woodley, Julia Zemiro, Andrew Denton and more. Come along to support the actors and comedians of the future as they flex their improvisation muscles.

Theatresports™ fosters the ideals of making your partner look good, creative thinking and playfulness as well as building confidence and theatre skills. Teams of students, aged 13 to 17, with a single suggestion, will take the stage to display their diverse imaginations, before you, the audience, and our Judges. If you do not like the scores you can let them know.

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