Time Sick Big T-Shirt

Time Sick Big T-Shirt spreads one voice through multiple bodies in this evocative new performance work by visual artist Archie Barry. The idea of a single coherent self is questioned through an aesthetic of non-disclosure. Casual clothing transforms into camouflage, and one song undergoes multiple transformations into recorded, live, karaoke and choir arrangements. The piece considers trauma as a sickness of time itself, a barbed virus that attaches to moments of survival which the body finds hard to forget. This condition can be remedied through the distortion of time that singing creates.

If a body could sing without its logical brain, what might its message be? And what would such a voice sound like? These questions are realised by the raw vocal accompaniment of the Melbourne choir, First Chorus Band of Singers. As the performance moves through the rooms of Meat Market's Stables, the audience is moved through humour and sincerity, hyper presence and conspicuous absence, ultimately using paradox as a way to understand the human condition as complex and tender. Time Sick Big T-Shirt is a dance, an evolving song and an audiovisual production that creates a hypnotic experience of spatiotemporal suspension and quiet humour.

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