Unconscious Volcanoes

Have you ever had a dream that is disconnected from reality and you can not understand how it came from your unconscious?

Society constructs social etiquette innately dictating how we are allowed to behave. Your subconscious however is free from these constraints and runs rampant in dreams, here anything is possible and everything is acceptable.

Unconscious Volcanoes is a new contemporary dance work choreographed by Rachel Huf and Tahlia Klugman premiering as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018. Unconscious Volcanoes explores what lies hidden within the depths of our subconscious and how these manifest as repressed desires, symptomatic actions, and dreams.

Performed by Rachel Huf, Tahlia Klugman, Sade Brown, Momoko Nanri and Emily Shoesmith. Animation by Zachary Peterson. Unconscious Volcanoes is inspired by Isador H Coriat’s The Meaning of Dreams (1915) and asks the question: How do your subconscious thoughts shape you and allow you to escape as symptomatic actions, psychoneurotic symptoms or dreams?

Unconscious Volcanoes premieres in the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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