UnderSCORE - An Australian Video Game Symphony

Experience the immersive nature of video game soundtracks at UnderSCORE, the first orchestral concert to showcase music exclusively from Australian-made video games. In this unique event The Crescendo Orchestra will perform a live symphonic rendition of celebrated Australian video game scores against a cinematic backdrop of the accompanying game-play.

The rapidly-growing video game industry and the nature of game development offer composers greater musical freedom and creative opportunity for experimenting. Contemporary video game soundtracks encompass the same depth and complexity associated with scores for feature films, even incorporating full orchestral compositions. Soundtracks are often interactive, adjusting to the gameplay, adding an additional challenge and opportunity for composers to explore. Video games soundtracks have transcended the gaming genre, now regularly appearing in album charts and influencing the music world outside the bounds of gameplay. UnderSCORE celebrates this exciting landscape of Australian video game musical composition and showcases the local emerging talent in this field.

Classification notice: Some imagery may contain themes that require parental guidance. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Produced in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip, The Otherworld Agency and Crescendo Music Australia with exclusive arrangements by Kevin Penkin.

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