Vertical Garden Workshop

Perfect for renters with limited space, the Vertical Garden Workshop will teach you how to make, install and care for a vertical garden. Learn to make a DIY portable system using macramé, plant and take care of your garden in this hands-on group gardening exercise. Includes pots, hanging system and seeds to take home.

You will learn how to make a vertical garden with macrame, using pots, ropes and carabiners and how to install and maintain it. Take home three pots, carabiners and your macrame hangers to make up your vertical garden as well as some organic seeds and instructional handouts.

The tutors, Ariel de Ramos and Liz Howes began their business Vegetawall as a response to urban gardening in small spaces. Their home vertical garden system attracted attention from their friends and family and so they began teaching the technique in an easy workshop format. Ariel and Liz focus on making gardening possible for renters, people without a lot of space for a garden, and those with mobility or physical restrictions who want to avoid bending while gardening.

Getting Around

Need some help getting from A to B so you can discover Melbourne?

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The Planner will find the easiest way for you to get where you want to go, plus give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to get there.