Wide World of Esports – Game Boys – Melbourne Fringe

High-tech comedy from the Elympics of the future.

A nostalgic trip through the 90s executed with pitch perfect visuals and super slick comic timing, Wide World of Esports imagines what the 2092 ‘Elympics’ broadcast might look like. Utilising interactive screen graphics, live video feeds, immersive sound design and literally hundreds of audio/visual cues, the show seamlessly blends technology with live performance in ways both innovative and surprising.

Taking to the stage the same month as the inaugural Melbourne Esports Open, brothers Eden and Josh Porter present their vision of the future, where all traditional Games’ events have been retired in favour of virtual hybrids.

Wide World of Esports includes all the elements that have made the Game Boys’ previous shows so successful; including nostalgia, industry commentary, meticulous recreations of long-forgotten games, obscure ‘90s Australian TV references and the occasional outburst of sibling rivalry.

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