Yarn Ramble Victoria 2018

The aim of Yarn Ramble Victoria 2018 is to visit as many stopovers as you can within the week of the Ramble - how many and how you get there is up to you.

Yarn Ramble can be likened to a pub crawl or scavenger hunt for those who are on the search for wonderful textiles and the story behind them.

Each stopover offers some kind of discount or incentive to get you to visit their establishment. But the real bonus is that you get to see, touch and maybe purchase some wonderful fibres, as well as getting to visit some terrific places throughout Melbourne and her suburbs and regional areas of Victoria.

If you do not want to visit the stopovers on your own, Yarn Ramble can help you out. They are offering some day and overnight trips to a few of the regional areas which takes the hassle out of finding transport and also means you get to share the fun with like-minded textile enthusiasts.

Yarn Ramble is about the story behind the product - how the passion and creativity drives an artisan to produce something beautiful.

Getting Around

Need some help getting from A to B so you can discover Melbourne?

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