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High-Adrenaline Activities in Melbourne’s South

Looking for your next adrenaline rush? Check out these thrilling activities in Melbourne’s south.

1. Stunt Driving School at Sandown Racecourse, Springvale

If you love to put the pedal to the metal or know someone who does, book in for a session at Stunt Driving School [Racecourse Road, Sandown Raceway, Springvale]. Hop inside a Mini Cooper and get ready to master stunts that you might recognise from the movies, with the help of an experienced instructor. Learn to execute 180-degree handbrake turn parallel spin parking and ramp-to-ramp jumps plus you’ll have the chance to go for a spin in a two-wheeling car. Prefer to experience thrills with a professional behind the wheel? Opt for a passenger experience, where you can enjoy the spinning, sliding and jumping without worrying about the manoeuvres that make them happen. 

Image source: facebook.com/stuntdrivingschool.com.au

​Stunt Driving School at Sandown Racecourse, Springvale

2. Soar Aviation, Moorabbin 

Live out your childhood dreams and take yourself to new heights by learning to fly a light aircraft at Soar Aviation [19 Second Avenue, Moorabbin]. Your introductory session will begin with a 30-minute briefing bringing you up to speed on aerodynamics and flight safety. You and your qualified instructor will then conduct a safety check of the aircraft. Before you know it, you'll be in the cockpit channelling your inner Maverick, Top Gun style. During your flight, you'll learn the skills of flying by first observing your instructor demonstrating manoeuvres. Next, you’ll take control of the aircraft to execute the tasks yourself (with your instructor's careful guidance, of course). All of this happens as you experience the thrill of being high above Melbourne, gliding through the clouds. Following your flight, you'll be invited back to the classroom for a debriefing, so your instructor can provide feedback and review your learnings. Hooked after your intro session? Soar offers longer-term packages including the Learn to Fly Starter Pack that includes three one-hour flights plus briefings. They can also help you attain a recreational pilot license. 

Image source: @soaraviation

​Soar Aviation, Moorabbin

3. Le Mans Go Karts, Dandenong South 

For a thrilling day out that you won’t soon forget, head to Le Mans Go Karts [55 Waterview Close, Dandenong South] to take on your family or friends in a go-kart race. Le Mans is Victoria’s largest go-kart complex, with four exhilarating tracks waiting to be raced on — the biggest spans 650 metres. Five go-kart models are available including those suitable for littlies three-years-old and above. For the experienced racer, the Gold Kart is the fastest in Le Mans' fleet. You'll need to qualify for a Gold Kart license to take this slick set of wheels for a spin; when you do though, the thrills will be worth it. If competition isn't your thing, opt for one of the two-seater karts and enjoy the ride with company.

4. Lysterfield Park, Lysterfield

Love the adrenaline rush of zooming and weaving past rugged bushland on your mountain bike? Melbourne’s south side is home to Lysterfield Park [Horswood Road, Lysterfield], the venue of the 2006 Commonwealth Games cross-country course. With 20-kilometres of track, a jump park, pump track and a technical skills park, it is arguably one of the best and most varied locations for mountain biking in Melbourne. If you’re giving mountain biking a whirl for the first time, you’ll be catered for here. There are less-challenging trails you can follow as well as b-lines that allow you to bypass some of the harder spots. Check out more on the different bike tracks here. After your mountain biking sesh, sit back and unwind by the picturesque Lysterfield Lake.

Image source: @kimjon_nz

Lysterfield Park, Lysterfield

5. World Series Paintball, Oakleigh

Challenge your friends to a friendly paintball battle and see who reigns supreme at World Series Paintball [9 Hamilton Street, Oakleigh]. On arrival, you’ll suit up — complete with jumpsuit, protective helmet and battle pack — then split into teams. There are four themed playing fields here. The ‘Junkyard’ is scattered with tires and old cars to use as cover while ‘Wild West’ has a country-western theme, complete with a sheriff’s office, saloon and other mini buildings to hide in. See if you can make your way to freedom at the ‘Border Crossing’ arena where you’ll dodge paintballs from sniper towers. Or, take to the ‘Humvee Battle Field’ that’s filled with inflatable vehicles and buildings. Splatball is also on offer, which is a version of paintball suitable for kids aged eight and over. 

6. Melbourne Cable Park, Bangholme

No boat? No worries! At Melbourne Cable Park [5 River End Road, Bangholme] you can enjoy wakeboarding, skiing and knee boarding without a boat. An overhead cable system is set up to allow you to do full laps of the lake and test your skills against the jumps and obstacles.  All you need to do is grab hold of the handle, and off you go. Seasoned boarders will feel at home on the two lakes at this cable park. And if you're a first timer, you can rest assured the friendly crew will be on hand to show you the ropes and give you pointers. During school holidays, the high ropes course opens up with five levels of obstacles to take on. 

Melbourne Cable Park, Bangholme

7. Cirque Fit, Oakleigh

Ever wondered what it's like to be a circus performer? Find out while you work out at Cirque Fit [8/6 Railway Avenue, Oakleigh]. When you're suspended high above the ground attempting aerial maneuvres, the adrenaline is real. Aerial silk is an activity you might recognise from one of Pink's Grammy ceremony performances and is an art that Cirque Fit specialises in. It involves performing aerial acrobatics while being suspended by a long piece of fabric. Performers manipulate the material around their bodies to climb, twist and tumble during a performance. See if you've got what it takes to master this intricate activity with the guidance of an industry professional. 

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