Out and About with your Dog

Perfect places to share a walk and a coffee with your four-legged friend.

There are two things that many Melburnians love. Firstly, you guessed it, coffee. We are extremely lucky to have some of the best coffee in the world, right at our fingertips. If you like a short black, soy latte or three quarter, extra hot, double shot latte with some cinnamon on top, you can find it anywhere in this great town. The other thing we have is a soft spot for are dogs, and just like our coffee, they can be spotted in many shapes and sizes around the suburbs. 


Eltham Lower Park and Eltham Tea House

Eltham Lower Park [570 Main Road, Eltham] is large and the perfect place to have a stroll with your dog, and best thing about it? The area is off leash so your dog can run around and socialise with other canines while you have a chat to another owner or sit and read your book.

We also recommend taking a walk around the Diamond Valley Railway, a miniature passenger train that has been in the same location for over 40 years. The area is fascinating, especially when the trains are running. As the trains are fully functional (just much, much smaller) it is a good idea to keep your dog on leash for this part of the adventure! When you are all tuckered out, walk across the road to the Eltham Tea House [561 Main Road, Eltham] and enjoy a tea and a scone or macaroon. If you ask nicely enough they might even give something to your furry friend! 

Eltham Tea House, Eltham


Ruffey Lake Park and Wind Chimes Cafe

The largest park in the Manningham area, Ruffey Lake Park [250 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East] offers people and their four legged friends a lot of room for running, jumping, barking, playing and hiding. Hopefully your dog is doing most of these! The park is 66 hectares and Ruffey Lake cuts right through the middle. On either side are large expanses of grass topped with a mixture of native and exotic trees. If you and your pooch like running, there is a jogging track that circles the park and makes for a great, rewarding run. There is also a Frisbee golf course, which as the name suggests, is a small golf course where you throw Frisbees into larger golf like holes. 
A short walk, or even shorter drive, down the road is Wind Chimes Boutique Café [99 Victoria Street, Templestowe ]. The all-day menu is extensive and caters for all types of diners. Sit outside with your pup and enjoy a meal, or get it to take away, and walk on down to the park to sit in the sun and watch your dog roam free! 

Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster East


Brighton Baths Café and Brighton Dog Beach 

The beachside town of Brighton has a lot to offer, great views, good shopping and even better cafes. One place that combines two of these is the Brighton Baths Café [251 Esplanade, Brighton]. There is an amazing restaurant that serves up great breakfast, your four legged friend is welcome at the outdoor seated area on the side of the café.  Here you will get a view of the dog beach, a great coffee, some food and will be able to keep your furry friend company. 

After a relaxing breakfast take a walk along the Brighton Pier to get a different view of the dog beach which sits right next door. From here you can also sneak a look at some of the houses that make up Brighton’s ‘Golden Mile’. Next, head back and let your little friend run wild, chances are that this dog beach will be packed whenever you visit, so be ready to let your dog socialise. If you are driving, there’s plenty of parking out the front of the Baths Café, just a short walk to the dog beach.

Image credit: pickle.nine.com.au (and feature image)

Brighton Dog Beach


Burns Reserve Altona and Bezirk Café Altona  

Another famed dog beach on Port Phillip Bay is Burns Reserve Altona [Pines Scout Camp Road, Altona]. The beach is bounded by Altona Coastal Park, Altona Road and Altona Workers Club and makes the perfect place for you and your pup to have a walk. Though, if your dog likes chasing kites, consider keeping them on a lead as the beach is also very popular with kiteboarders. Nevertheless, the whole beach is off leash, you can spend hours walking around and letting your dog socialise or throwing a ball into the ocean for your boy or girl to swim in and fetch. 

Bezirk Café [1A Millers Road, Altona ] is a little bit of a walk further away from Burns Reserve, so if you have spent the morning running around with your dog, maybe jump in the car and head down. When you arrive take a seat outside and enjoy the view with your dog. The café has a great menu, we suggest the big breakfast, you won’t be disappointed! 

Image credit: livilicious.com.au

Burns Reserve